Some of the home-built projects we’ve done for our display.

RGB Flood Lights

RGB LED flood light units were built using the pcb’s available at This project requires the pcb’s, super-flux leds (red, green, blue), resistors, a suitable housing, and a lot of soldering. The housing we used came from a 500 watt work lamp purchased at Lowes. A minor altercation to the pcb’s was needed in order to use this particular housing. Here’s the finished item with the completed boards installed in the 500 watt work lamp housing.


FM Radio Transmitter

Obtained a FM transmitter circuit board from eBay, added a power supply from an old piece of computer equipment and a case from another piece of scrap electronics to build out FM transmitter.


Large Star for House

Our large star for the house stands approximatly 4 ft in height. It was once a patio umbrella. We needed something strong and light weight and the arms from an old patio umbrella that was laying in a scrap pile were the perfect material from which we built the star.

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